MorpHex MKII, a short outdoor test

Five days ago, we (I and two of my youngest kids) did our first outdoor test on a basketball court. It worked fine and I was able to control it very well, rolling straight, to the left and right! It's just like driving a RC car.

Compared to the MKI the rolling method by pushing out only one section didn't work very good. The reason was that the sections are a bit heavier on MKII, so when pushing out one section the "ball" tends to roll towards the opposite direction as I want, this method work for rather slow rolling though. But the best approach was to push out the opposite sphere (the other side of the globe) at the same time to sort of keep the ball in balance. This method proved to be more effective, it moves more like a tread, kinda..

Still some tuning to do on the code.

I gave my 8 year old son my phone to shoot a short video of MorpHex for you on the forums, so it's a bit shaky. It's live sound this time and unlisted. I want to make a better video when going public on youtube though.


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